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Valentines Dark Heart Dragon Articulated and 3d printed - Multicolor!

Valentines Dark Heart Dragon Articulated and 3d printed - Multicolor!

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Welcome to the mystical world of our 3D Printed Dark Heart Dragons – a tribute to the enigmatic side of fantasy. Crafted with precision and an undertone of darkness, these dragons stand as a unique testament to the allure of the mystical.

Available Lengths:
14 inches
18 inches
24 inches

Why Embrace Our Dark Heart Dragons:
Shadowy Elegance: Meticulously crafted with premium PLA material, our Dark Heart Dragons embody durability and eco-friendly mystique.

Intricate Shadows: Each Dark Heart Dragon boasts intricate design and printing, capturing the essence of mythical beings cloaked in shadow.

Ethereal Decor Statement: These dragons serve as captivating accents, creating an aura of mystery and enchantment in your space.

Personalized Darkness: Connect with us for customized orders tailored to embody the darkness that resonates with your unique vision.

Handle with Shadow's Caress: Treat your Dark Heart Dragon with care to maintain its mysterious allure.

Shipping & Shadows: Your Dark Heart Dragon will be meticulously enshrouded and dispatched within 3-5 business days.

Unleash the mystique of our 3D Printed Dark Heart Dragon, available in lengths that echo your aesthetic shadows. Immerse yourself in the shadows of fantasy and order your Dark Heart Dragon today!

**** Model by Cinderwing3D, with a license to manifest and distribute replicas.

**** Not suitable for young children. AML Engineering disclaims responsibility for any consequences arising from improper use or handling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love my heart dragon fidget. Just have to keep my 3 yr old grandson from claiming it as his. LOL He loves it too.

Cheyenne Swenson

I adore this little dragon.